Frequently Asked Questions

How is Quantium priced?

Quantium has two main pricing tiers whereby Premium Package is the standard solutions for new firms preparing for growth vs. Enterprise Package that offers full access to the Quantium product suite with higher level of customization and individualized before & post data implementation support.

Unlike traditional system services provider, Quantium does not charge a heavy one-time licensing fee upfront. The pricing model follows an annual subscription fee model typically with a base software subscription fee and additional services fees. Please contact our team for a pricing proposal suitable for your firm’s needs.

What are the hosting options?

Quantium offers flexible hosting options including cloud and on-premise options.

The hosting decision between on-premise and cloud rests upon your corporate policy. Both options are secured upon layers of protection. For on-premise hosting, the main advantage is fully customizable system environment. On the other hand, one key advantage of cloud deployment is the instant scalability it provides when additional resources are needed.

How long does onboarding take?

Most customers are onboarded within 4-6 weeks after their data is provided through Quantium’s data template. Depending on the scope of onboarding, customers will have fund cash flow information, waterfall, investment & asset information and LP CRM related information available.

Our Client Solutions Team will work closely with you to update the onboarding progress and ensure deliverables are on time in a smooth and timely manner.

How often does the system upgrade?

There are two types of updates for the Quantium applications: Full version releases and patch sets whereby full version updates are typically done every quarter and an expert from our team will help you update the system to the latest version. For patch sets, new updates will be released from time to time and mostly through continuous deployment to ensure seamless usage for customers whose system is hosted by Quantium.

What are the security measures to ensure data safety?

Quantium provides layers of protection to protect your data while in transit or at rest. All in transit data are encrypted with the latest HTTPS and transport layer security technology. For data at rest, only authorized server and user can have access to the data in the database. Specific protections include Access Security Measures (i.e. 2FA, user & password encryption, firewall), Data Transmission Measures (i.e. data encryption, authentication), and Data Storage Measures (i.e. data backup, advance threat protection system, event audit trails). Please see our security policy documentation for more details.