Manage Funds, SPVs, Co-investments On A Single Platform

A powerful platform that helps you manage fund cash flows, capital calls & distributions, SPV structures and investor allocation with built-in general ledger and IRR calculation functions.

You can view key fund statistics on Dashboard, run simulation and scenario analysis as well as generate investor reports with a single click.

Reduced Time to Calculate IRRs And Waterfall Distribution

Calculating fund IRRs and waterfall distribution can be time consuming and often error-prone particularly when the tasks are done in fragile Excel spreadsheet which typically results in version control and hard coding issues. Quantium systems are built with a bottom-up approach to enable highest transparency in every cash flow allocation as well as waterfall distribution, so that you can be assured with calculation accuracy as you scale up your operations.

Quantium’s robust data structure enables calculation of standard American distribution waterfall to deal-by-deal method, or user-configuration based on side letter clauses.

Faster Investor Response Time & Happier LPs

Investor services are critical to fund operations although they are also often time consuming tasks, including answering phone calls and emails, updating bank accounts and contact information, investor reporting and due diligence preparations. Quantium systems has dedicated CRM functions that support fundraising as well as ongoing investor relationship management to help you manage investor contact, track engagement activities, and automate LP reports so that you can allocate more time on more valuable tasks.

Quantium PRIME organizes investor contact and investment information whereby IR teams can access information of each of the investor’s investments individually and every entity they invest with across all funds to help you accurately assess the overall LP commitment exposure throughout the organization. All documents, historical capital notices, cash flow and communication records are centralized in one platform to help reduce investor support resources required while providing faster response and more informed dialogue with your investors.

Improved Data Analytics and Reporting

Fund managers require standardized and high quality data to generate value-enhancing insights. However, ongoing data collection and validation can be difficult tasks and therefore Quantium offers a scalable and salable platform to help you streamline operations from data collection, data analytics to report generation.

Quantium EDGE offers advanced spreadsheet technology to enable faster data collection process. With built-in analytics, you can easily view investment and operating data on asset, fund and portfolio level to compare actual vs. forecasted and budgeted KPIs. You can generate single company summary sheet as well as the complete set of portfolio information as part of investor reporting package via one click to save you time and effort. Onboard Quantium EDGE to get improved analytical data and portfolio insight.

Greater Team Efficiency

Fund operations involve complex tasks from investor servicing, portfolio management to back office reporting and administrations, which often require information sharing and cross team coordination. The Quantium Platform offers a suite of products where data is shared with access rights configuration. Centralized source of truth for fund and portfolio data will help you achieve greater team efficiency while further scale up your operations.

The Quantium Platform offers dedicated products to portfolio, IR and finance teams with a shared database. While information flows effortlessly in the organization, investor confidential data can remain access restricted. With the full suite of product offerings, you can now have centralized control of your own data that can be shared across various team members in an efficient and secured way.